26/08/2012 Mediterranean film festival
"Sofija's Last Ambulance" the winner of 13th MFF
Three-member jury pronounced the film "Sofia's Last Ambulance" in Bulgarian-Croatian-German production as the winner of 13th Mediterranean Film Festival and it won the MFF Projector Jack Daniels. The explanation of the jury was: “For the film that erases the borders between document and the fiction and instigates the spectator to question the basic social values the jury awards the Grand Prix to Ilian Metev.”

The second prize went to Spanish documentary "A Story for the
Modlins". The explanation of the jury was: “To find the material that has been hidden for years from the surrounding world in the flat of the family Modlin, whose artistic life ended in total anonymity, and to present it in a specific documentary mode to the world deserves respect and praise. Peace of work masterly made, where a true director’s flair is shown clearly present how great documentary stories can be shaped out of lost photos and a couple of video tapes! The special jury award went to Lebanese film "Al Hara".

The last evening of the Festival, which was full of excitement, was
marked by the screening of the last three films from the competition,where the last screened film "The King" by Dejan Aćimović won thesympathy of the audience and got the MFF Projector. The audience inthe full cinema Borak hall watched the screening of the film "Sonjaand the Bull" with enthusiasm, whit what this year's MediterraneanFilm Festival was officially closed. Those who missed the winning filmcould see it at the end of the evening and went to one of the parties arranged.
The end!