08/03/2013 Mediterranean film festival
Music video for “2 cellos” and “Zucchero” directed by Tvrtko Karačić
Talented young artist from Široki Brijeg Tvrtko Karačić created, directed and animated a music video for the famous world musicians 2cellos and Zucchero. The music video for the song “Il Libro Dell 'Amore“ was premiered a few days ago at the official channel of 2cellosVEVO and Sony Music Entertainment. “During recording of the song “Dancing with the sea” in the music studio MORRIS, the owner of the studio Miroslav Vidović watched the test scenes from my short animated film “To the universe” (still in production). He liked the film very much and suggested that we make a music video whose plot will lean on the plot of my short animated film. We didn’t talk to the public about the project of the music video for 2cellos and Zucchero until we finished it.”


The following were engaged in the project: Directing, screenplay, animation, design, 3D modelling, illustration – Tvrtko Karačić, Artistic advisor - Blanka Šumanovac and Stjepan Mihaljević, Animation advisor - Stjepan Mihaljević, Producer - Miroslav Vidović

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