02/06/2013 Mediterranean film festival
Retrospective of MFF at the “Festival of New” in Slavonski Brod
The documentary film festival “Festival of New” shall take place in Slavonski Brod for the third time in a row in the organization of the SBFILM team. This year’s festival, lasting from June 14th to 16th, shall present films from the region and neighbouring countries and shall again host film works from the Mediterranean Film Festival.

Fans of good documentary film will have the chance to see films from the 13th MFF showcase. On the first day the audience will see short Spanish films “33” by Felix Fernandez and “In Albis” by Asbel Esteve Obiol, and the winning film from the last year’s MFF “Sofia’s Last Ambulance”, directed by Ilian Metev. Films that will be screened in the following days are Israeli-German film “The Flat”, Greek film “Crisis” and Spanish films “A Story for the Modlins”, “Mirror, Mirror” and “Essay of a Revolution”.   

The opening film is the documentary made by the SBFILM team, a forgotten story of Slavonski Brod, when in one day, more precisely in a few minutes, the entire air force squadron, that was trying to demolish the bridge between Slavonski and Bosanski Brod in 1992, was shot down.

Besides the film screenings, which shall take place in the open for the first time, for all the film fans wanting associating and fun there will be a Movie party organized for the first time in the fortress’s dungeon. See you in the Fortress Brod!

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