12/06/2013 Mediterranean film festival
Film screenings at the “Festival of New 2013” in Slavonski Brod
International festival of documentary film “Festival of new”, organized by the SBFILM team, will take place in Slavonski Brod for the third time in a row. From June 14th to 15th the Festival shall, already traditionally, screen the retrospective of Mediterranean Film Festival, which will take place on the first day of the Festival.

Documentary film “The Bridge”, produced by the SBFILM team, shall be screened at the official opening, while the Festival will be closed by the last year’s MFF winner, the documentary “Sofia’s Last Ambulance” in Croatian-Bulgarian-German production.

You can find more information about complete program, timing and screening locations listed hereafter, as well as at the official web site of the “FESTIVAL OF NEW 2013”.

FRIDAY 14/06/2013
MFF retrospective:

1. 33, director: Félix Fernández; Spain, USA; 6”, 14:30 – Gallery Ružić
2. IN ALBIS, director: Asbel Esteve Obiol; Spain; 7“, 14:36 – Gallery Ružić
3. THE FLAT, director: Arnon Goldfinger; Israel, Germany; 97“, 14:44 – Gallery Ružić
4. A STORY FOR THE MODLINS, director: Sergio Oksman; Spain; 26“, 16:21 – Gallery Ružić
5. MIRROR, MIRROR, directors: Vivian Altman, Irene Cardona, Firouzeh Khosrovani, Isabel Noronha; Spain; 58“, 16:47 – Gallery Ružić
6. CRISIS, directors: Nina Maria Paschalidou, Nikos Katsaounis; Greece; 62“, 17:53 – Gallery Ružić  
7. ESSAY OF A REVOLUTION, directors: Antonio Labajo, Pedro Sara; Spain; 30“, 18:55 –Gallery Ružić
8. THE BRIDGE, directors: Bernard Karakaš, Boris Predmerski; Croatia; 43“ 21:30 – FORTRESS BROD

SATURDAY 15/06/2013

1.In the land of bears, director: Nika Autor; Slovenia; 72“ 15:00 – Gallery Ružić
2. 3D artist, director: Mladen Damjanović; Croatia; 21“ 16:12 – Gallery Ružić
3. The dessert of forbidden art, directors: Amanda Pope&Tchavdar Georgiev; Uzbekistan/USA; 80“ 16:33 – Gallery Ružić  
4. Blue wall red door, directors: Alban Muja & Yll Citaku; Kosovo; 32“ 17:53 – Gallery Ružić   
5. Enchanted ito invisibles, director: Rudi Uran; Slovenia; 61“ 18:24 – Gallery Ružić
6. Home coming, directors: Andy Reiss & Tina Galović; UK/Croatia; 53“ 19:25 – Gallery Ružić  
7. Love your close, Croatia; 20“ 20:28 – Gallery Ružić
8. SOFIA“S LAST AMBULANCE, director: Ilian Metev; Croatia, Bulgaria, Germany; 75“, 21:30 FORTRESS BROD

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