07/08/2013 Mediterranean film festival
Film workshop for beginners at 14th MFF – Sign in!
The film workshop for beginners at 14th edition of Mediterranean Film Festival shall take place from August 27th to 31st. The workshop manager is Lucy Eagleson from Escondido in California. Lucy graduated film and TV production at the University in South California. The attendees of the workshop will be able to learn everything needed for creation of a short film. Besides the lectures, the attendees will directly participate in the process of film making. They’ll try their hand in writing scenarios, directing, acting, shooting and editing. The workshop will be in Croatian and English language. The chief assistant to the workshop is Antoni Ćorić. The film that created through this workshop will be screened at the closure of this year’s Mediterranean Film Festival.

Registration for the workshop lasts until 22/08/2013. If you want to register, don’t hesitate because the number of participants is limited.

Send your registration to the following e-mail address:  ideal.coric@gmail.com or telephone number: +387 63 286 611

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