09/08/2013 Mediterranean film festival
Retrospective: Great Federico Felini at 14th MFF
Besides the official competition program of documentary films, 14th Mediterranean Film Festival, that shall take place from 26th to 31st of August, has taken care of rich and diverse off-program of films.

On the occasion of 20th anniversary of his death, in the cooperation with the Italian Embassy in BH the Festival will present the retrospective of great Federico Fellini, one of the most influential directors of the 20th century. So, in the first two days of the festival we’ll have the chance to see some of the films, with which the first superstar director gained the status of an important and unavoidable director.

Besides the first Fellini’s independent film “The white sheik”, cult film “I Vitelloni” from the 1950ies, popular “La Dolce Vita” that shows still actual world of fun, consumption and mass media, we shall also see the film “Rome”, which shows personal view of the ancient town, and not less known to the audience, the films “Clowns”, “Temptations  of Dr Antonio” and “Souls of the dead”.
There will be seven films screened in total.   


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