17/08/2013 Mediterranean film festival
Ilaria Ragnoni: We are presenting Fellini on Festival where innovation is a key word
Besides the official competition program of documentary films , 14th Mediterranean Film Festival, in the cooperation with the Italian Embassy in BiH, on the occasion of 20th anniversary of death, one of the most influential directors of the 20th century, will presente the retrospective of great Federico Fellini. About this cooperation and idea of presenting the films with which the first superstar director gained the status of an important and unavoidable director, we have talked with Ilaria Ragnoni, Second Secretary of Italian Embassy.

-    Federico Fellini's artistic experience is renowned and appreciated worldwide. Twenty years  ago, on 31`October 1993, Fellini left us. Nonetheless, his work has still a strong influence on young film makers and still strikes the audience with its visionary and dreamlike fashion  to depict the complexity of human life and relationships. This Retrospective is a tribute to the Director; presenting it in the framework of the MFF - a Festival where innovation is a key word - is the best way to underline the vitality of his heritage.

We will have opportunity to see seven films by Fellini, did you have some similar film cooperation in our country before and in general does  your embassy 'cover' a lot of cultural events in BiH?
- We are very engaged in promoting the Italian cinema abroad and BiH doesn't make exception. Italian movies, from the great Italian Directors' masterpieces to some of the latest comedies, are a relevant part of the cultural programme promoted by the Italian Embassy, with screenings in several cities of BiH every year. With regard to Fellini, initiatives commemorating the 20th anniversary of his passing away will take place also in other Countries, in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We also deem fundamental to cooperate with local artists and partners. The artistic scene and community in BiH is traditionally lively and internationally connected: a clear exemple of the arts' potential to boost integration and dialogue, overcoming any kind of barriers.

Through this  14. years of our Festival we have had a lot of good documentary films from Italy.  Have you had some information about our Festival in the past from the Italian film makers or in general any information about our Festival?
- The Italian young artistic scene has become inscreasingly dynamic in the last years. Many Italians participated to previous MFF's editions and I Iearn with great pleasure that this year two Italian documentary movies have been shortlisted for the final competition. On the other hand, the MFF is an attractive regional stage for documentary and short movies and one of the most important movie festivals in BiH and beyond.

Are you coming this year?
- Sure, I will come to Siroki Brijeg to enjoy the great movies and good atmosphere.

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