23/08/2013 Mediterranean film festival
Presentation of full program of 14th Mediterranean Film Festival
14th Mediterranean Film Festival – the festival of documentary film shall take place from 26th to 31st of August in Široki Brijeg. MFF has again taken care of excellent movie week, where we’ll remember the great directors who are not among us anymore, meet the feature films of the region, take a glance into the projects of new young people and, what’s the most interesting and what MFF is here for, evaluate the documentary films – the jury with their knowledge and the audience with their hearts.

Let’s begin. The first two days of the Festival are traditionally intended for a kind of movie warm-up, which this year belongs to one of the most important authors of the 20th century. In the cooperation with the Italian Embassy in B&H, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his death, the Festival will present the retrospective of great Federico Fellini. Thus, we’ll have the chance to see some of the films, with which the first superstar director gained the status of an important and unavoidable author. There will be seven films screened in total.

The work of home authors will be screened on the third day of MFF, what is a certain proof of existence of film production in our parts. And MFF does this with pride. Among the home authors, we’ll present the film ‘In Quest of Father’s Grave’, by father Pavle Crnjac, Herzegovinian premier of the film ‘Patient’ by Zdenko Jurilj and the film with the theme from the faraway East ‘Tsunami attack’ (The Power of Rock ‘n’ Roll) by Mario Ćužić.

Now it’s time for the official competition program. The selector Damir Čučić chose 22 films among 260 that applied for the competition. The international jury has as hard decision as the selector had and this year it’s divided into two categories – jury for choosing the best feature length documentary film, more that 30 minutes and for choosing the best short film, up to 30 minutes. Among these 22 there are films that have already won awards at big festivals and those that will have their world premiere at MFF. Besides the six members jury that will decide on the winner of the Grand Prix – MFF projector in the category of the feature documentary and MFF projector in the category of short film, the audience will decide on the third award with their votes.  

Mediterranean Film Festival is trying to keep up with the production of feature film in our region and it will show the following films. In the category of feature film we’ll single out the absolute winner of Pula Film Festival – the movie “A Stranger”. In the story of friendship in the post-war Mostar, directed by Bobo Jelčić, the roles are played by Bogdan Diklić, Nada Đurevska, Ivana Roščić, Rakan Rushaidat, Izudin Bajrović, Vinko Kraljević…

The most awaited projects in the region, the film “Cowboys”, directed by Tomislav Mršić, will be the closing film of the Festival. Made according to the absolute hit play of the theatre Exit from Zagreb, “Cowboys” are a group of socially maladjusted amateur actors and they are played by: Saša Anočić, Živko Anočić, Hrvoje Barišić, Kruno Klabučar, Ivana Rushaidat, Rakan Rushaidat and Radovan Ruždjak. With the screening at the 14th MFF, besides being the closing film, “Cowboys” will have their BH premiere.

Besides above mentioned retrospective, documentary, feature and home program, the film workshops will also be organized for the professionals and amateur film workers. The movie quizzes, awards and parties that make the 14th Mediterranean Film Festival attractive regional stage for film, are the affirmation and guarantee of unavoidable destination for the motion picture fans.



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