04/11/2013 Mediterranean film festival
'A story for the Modlins’ nominated for the European film award 2013
European Film Academy (EFA) has announced the list of 15 films that are nominated for this year’s European film award in the category of short films. Independent jury chose 15 European short films, among which is the Spanish documentary film ‘A Story for the Modlins’, directed by Sergio Oksman, who was also awarded at the 13th Mediterranean Film Festival.

Film that shows how great documentary stories can be formed with lost photos and a few video tapes won the second jury award at 13th MFF and this year the director Sergio Oksman was our dear guest and a member of the MFF jury in the feature documentary film category.  

More than 2700 members of the European Film Academy shall decide on the nominees for this prestigious film award and they are the ones that will choose the winners that will be presented at 26th European film ceremony in Berlin.

We keep our fingers crossed for Sergio and great ‘Story for the Modlins’! 

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