31/08/2014 Mediterranean film festival
Grand Prix of the 15th Mediterranean Film Festival goes to the film ‘On the Art of War’
The15th Mediterranean Film Festival was finished tonight in the full cinema Borak hall.  The Grand Prix of the 15th MFF went to the directors Silvia Luzi and Luca Bellino for the film ‘On the Art of War’ in the category of feature length documentaries. The best film in the category of short documentary is Spanish film ‘Prisoners of Kanun’ directed by Roser Corella, while the audience award went to director from Israel, Bernard Dichek for film 'The Kalusz that I though I knew'.

In the feature length category, the jury consisted of Antonia Dubravka Carnerud, Manuel Jimenez Nunez and Pjer Žalica chose Italian film ‘On the Art of War’ for the Grand Prix of the 15th MFF with the explanation: “In this 70 minutes long documentary that is globally actual and is reality for many European workers and their families, the subject is treated in such a way that we can easily identify with it. Through an original visual approach the authors achieve a strong social engagement and happy-ending make as believe that David still can beat Goliath''.

Special mention of the 15th MFF in the feature length competition went to the Israeli film ‘Before the Revolution’ directed by Dan Shadur, because, as the jury pointed “The author is offering us a personal, but not private, investigation on the past of one family but also revealing rather unknown historical facts related to Israeli – Iranian situation before the revolution. It is a deeply touching story bringing up universal questions of moral and ethics we are confronted with in times of political changes''.

In the category of shorts the jury consisted of Jurinko Raič, Tyler Gunderson and Mario Vukadin unanimously got to the decision and declared the Spanish documentary ‘Prisoners of Kanun’ directed by Roser Corella as the best short documentary, with the explanation “Because of the particular story related to the Albanian people and exceptional artistic demonstration of the environment the film powerfully shows the custom that is unwillingly mentioned, but that still exists.”

Special mention in the category of the short documentaries went to the Croatian film ‘Nada’s Home’, directed by Dario Bukovski, for which the jury said that “they saw an everyday story from the life of aged people that is unwillingly discussed.” The jury also decided to give a special mention to the film and the director because of the courage to share an intimate story with all of us. In the category of shorts, the jury decided to give another Special mention to the Egyptian film ‘Om Amira’ directed by Naji Ismail, because, as they said “The strength of the film that is excellently told in this family drama and speaks in a profound way about everyday struggle for life.”

Besides the ceremonial part of the awarding the MFF projectors and announcing the winners, the last evening of the Festival was marked by the screening of the short film ‘Yellow colour’ that was created at MFF workshops, as well as the screening of the Oscar awarded music documentary ‘Searching for the Sugarman’.

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