07/02/2011 Mediterranean film festival
The tenders are invited for the 12th Mediterranean Film Festival
The bidding for the 12th Mediterranean Film Festival (MFF) is in the course and will be opened till May 10th 2011. Within this period all the authors from the 22 Mediterranean countries can apply their films for the Competition Program of the 12th MFF. All the details regarding the conditions of applying, as well as the Application Form, are at our web site.

Entry form
12. Mediteran film festival

The selector to the program shall see all the films sent at latest till May 10th, whose Applications fulfill all the necessary conditions. The films that, by the estimation of the Selector, contain the highest aesthetic, artistic and technical values, shall enter the Competition Program of the 12th MFF.

During the Festival, the International Jury composed of three members shall make decisions on the best documentary films from the Mediterranean, and one award shall be assigned by the audience.

The Award Fund of the 12th MFF is 10.000 KMs (ten thousand convertible marks). This year's Festival shall take place in the period of August 22nd till 27th 2011 in Siroki Brijeg

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