23/07/2011 Mediterranean film festival
Damir Čučić, the festival selector
Damir Čučić was born in Brežice, Slovenia, in 1972. He started dealing with film in 1989 in the Film Authors group Enthusia Planck. Over the last twenty years he kept flourishing mainly in the scope of the audiovisual media, primarily as a director and editor of documetary films. In his course of work on the documentaries he pays particular attention to the marginal, i.e. hybrid genre, where the documentary gets mingled and tangled with the experimental and short feature film. 
He has directed more than forty films and won 20 film awards, his films have been presented at about 150 festivals in fourty countries at almost all continets and within the programs of over fifteen European public TV networks. Since 1995 he has been working as an editor at HRT, specialized for the realm of documentary film, participating as an editor in more than 130 films and TV documentaries. 
Occasionally he works as the producer executive (at about twenty films). Participates in the education in the field of documentary film. He is the founder of Mikrokino, the chain of cinemas for documentary and short feature films playing.

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