19/07/2011 Mediterranean film festival
America 'arriving' to the Mediterranean
In the organization of the USA Embassy in BiH and the Kino Video Klub Amater Široki Brijeg, there was a lecturing by the film expert Sandra Ruch organized in Hotel Park, Široki Brijeg. The lecturing was attended by the members of KVK Amater, the Production Companies Kadar and MC Media from Široki Brijeg.

During the interactive lecturing Sandra Ruch spoke about the documentary film topics selection. She pointed out that the most relevant thing for any film, the documentary as well, is the story. The discussion also related to the present situation in North American (USA and Canada) filmography and the manners of financing the documentary films. The stress was on the operation of Pitching Forums which are of great importance in application of film projects and acquiring the financial resources for films. In the conversation with Sandra Ruch, the participants of the workshop tried to find out about all the issues related to realization of a film project and how to apply it to the film festivals.

Besides Sandra Ruch, the American Embassy Attache for Culture and Education in BiH, Sunshine Ison, attended the workshop as well, and was surprised with the fact that such a small place like Široki Brijeg has got professional TV and Film production Companies and the international film festival that has «survived» the 12 recent years in a row. The support from the American Embassy, both in the program and financial terms, was promissed to the Mediterranean Film Festival this year.

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