18/08/2011 Mediterranean film festival
Granddad Pavo on the Poster
The author of the photo which you can see on all the promotion materials of the 12th MFF is Ivan Kelava. The person on the photo is granddad Pavo from the village of Vrde, about 30 kms from Mostar. The shot was taken completely accidentally during an afternoon siesta  after the lunch. Kelava noticed the granddad shaving and hastily changed the optics on his camera and in the very course of shooting he thought he had misplaced his 35er. Luckily he had not, he caught 5 – 6 shots and chose the best one. The photo has been published many times, won several titles of the Photo of the Day at portals, one award at a competition, once a third place, and has been published a number of times in daily press and photo magazines. In cooperation with Ivan Kelava and Studio Smart from Mostar, the MFF chose Granddad Pavo since the master photo presents the very image of a common Mediterranean man as they used to look like. The sharp eye of Ivan Kelava pulled Granddad Pavo out of the anonymity and enabled the MFF to maintain the spirit of the Mediterranean.

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