24/08/2011 Mediterranean film festival
Let the show begin!
Let the show begin! The buzz of the machines and the big projectors, where the old film tapes followed one another have been replaced by the digital recordings long time ago, but the sense remained the same – the love for the film and the film art. Twelfth MFF emerged from the Herzegovina rocky ground has opened the doors for the visitors, offering them unique view to the world “beyond” the movie screen. There are 21 films from 11 countries in the competition fighting this year for the crystal projector.

The opening ceremony in Borak cinema was freshened by jokes of irreplaceable film animator Vladimir Mikulic Vava, who showed up at this year’s festival with his work, the animated film “Little Green Ridinghood”. The director of MFF Tomislav Topic and the producer Robert Bubalo addressed to the audience in the cinema at the beginning of the ceremony and thanked to all the sponsors and wished for all the visitors to enjoy the festival. Mrs Sunshine Ison, attaché for the culture in the American embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina also addressed to the audience and MFF was officially opened by the president of the Government of West Herzegovina Canton, Mr Zdenko Cosic. After the opening ceremony the festival was continued by the films of home authors, “Little Green Ridinghood” that filled the cinema with laughter and “Three days” from the author Zdenko Jurilj, which left the big mark on historical events 20 years ago, when unarmed people stopped the tank colons in Polog. The screening of films in the competition program followed these.

The view of the film screen “opened” the appetite of the film lovers, and the opening evening was continued in the hotel Park where the banquet was prepared for all the visitors and the guests of the festival.

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