27/08/2011 Mediterranean film festival
The Awards Ceremony ond closing of the Festival
At the 12th MFF, the Israeli documentary «Revolution 101» by Doron Tsabari won the first award. The winner gets the Crystal Projector Grand Prix – Jack Daniel's and the cash award in the amount of 3000 Euros. The Jury argumentation: «Revolution 101» has offered an excellent picture of a fight of an individual against a corrupt system. The film encourages all those who believe that it is possible to fight for the noble goals fulfillment.

The Jury consisting of three members this year decided that the Second award shall be assigned to two films. So the second award is shared between the Croatian film «Wasteland» by Ivan Faktor, and the film «The Village with no Women» by BiH director Srđan Šarenac. Ivan Faktor wins the MFF Crystal Projector and 500 Euros cash award. The Jury argumentation: «Wasteland» is an excellent example of a film of atmosphere made through the resources which are the closest possible to the raw model of a pure documentary.

Srđan Šarenac won the cash award in the amount of 500 Euros. The Jury argumentation: Besides the complex presentation of the nowdays living in a village, «Village with no Women» is a classical example of splendid directing in a documentary film which enables us a complete identification with the characters and their problems.

The Croatian director Robert Zuber with «Mila seeking Senida» won the Audience Award. In a close competition with «The War Reporter» (4.31) and «The Village with no Women» (4.33), the winner got 4.41 and won the Crystal Projector and the Cash Award in the amount of 1.000 Euros.

The Festival was closed by the film «Soundtrack for the Revolution» and the guest at the MFF Closing Ceremony was the Federation Minister of Culture and Sport, Mr Salmir Kaplan. The films from the Competition were played today as well, and the Festival Crew took some afternoon rest at Marića Gaj after the TBF and Jaeger Music Night. The trip was organized within the cultural tourism which is promoted by MFF. The last hours of 12th MFF passed at the party at Pajo's with tributes from ZZ TOP band La Grange and the splendid band Pešes. See you at the 13th MFF.

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