26/02/2015 Mediterranean film festival
After Zagrebdox the film “Lost Button” travels to Vinkovci and closes DORF
Documentary film “Lost Button”, directed by Vukadin, Tonković and Bubalo trio, was successfully screened at this year’s edition of documentary film festival Zagreb Dox. The film was screened within the program of music documentaries (Music Globe). After the screening the authors stayed in the cinema hall for the discussion with the audience. The film continues its journey after Zagrebdox, and on Saturday, March 14, it will be screened at 9th Festival of documentary rock film DORF in Vinkovci. The film “Lost Button” has the honour of closing this festival.

Mediterranean Film Festival also took part in production of this film, and the main producers are movie production Kadar from Široki Brijeg, Olimp from Zagreb and One Sand production from Austria. Co-producer is Croatia Records.

The documentary is an exciting biographic story about Goran Ipe Ivandić, the tragic drummer of the greatest rock band from the ex-Yugoslavia – Bijelo Dugme. The film goes back into the past when Ipe, still a kid, came to a rock band that conquered the country with over 20 million people in just a week. It reveals the story how this young man created the image of a music sensation when he was only 20 years old, and why his solos were the most spectacular part of their concerts. His fame was ended at the peak of his carrier when the police found hashish in his drums and put him to jail for two and a half years. This brutal punishment destroyed him emotionally and psychologically so after the prison Ipe was going through one crisis after another. He borrowed money from usurers and got into debt, started businesses where he lost everything, and finally his drama was ended by the mysterious death in Belgrade.

Film shows some of the most unforgettable moments in the history of ex-Yugoslav rock, virtuosities of Bebek, Bregović, Redžić, Pravdić and Ipe Ivandić, unforgettable scenes from the concert at Hajdučka česma (Belgrade). Through the interviews with a line of interesting witnesses the film reveals a wider story of Bijelo Dugme, rock ‘n’ roll and communism...   

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