15/03/2015 Mediterranean film festival
“Lost Button” is the winner of DORF
Jury members Dušan Moravec, Lada Furlan Zaborac and Krešimir Blažević unanimously decided on the winner of 9th DORF festival, which is the film “Lost Button”, by the authors Renato Tonković, Robert Bubalo and Mario Vukadin. The explanation of the jury said: “The film with the best story in this year’s regional competition, story that goes beyond the borders of documentary. The authors have successfully avoided the trap of a story about a great band and depicted the life of an individual in the world of music industry. A typical rock ‘n’ roll story told in an impressive way with dramatic elements.”

The producers of the film are “One sand” from Austria, “Olimp” from Croatia and “Kadar” from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The film also has the support of the Mediterranean Film Festival. Special jury mention went to films “Crash in the Castle” by Arsen Oremović and “Time to Improvise” by Tina Lešničar. Special DORF Festival mention went to the film “Morphine – Journey of Dreams” by Mark Shuman.

This year’s DORF lifetime achievement award to Zdenko Franjić was handed by Toni Šarić, who said that without the release of “Listen out loud“ label, the DORF Festival wouldn’t exist. Great number of premieres and guests from abroad, great interest of the visitors for the accompanying programs and interest of the young people for EDIT program marked this year’s edition of DORF.

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