12/06/2015 Mediterranean film festival
Record number of films submitted for the 16th Mediterranean Film Festival
The tenders for the 16th Mediterranean Film Festival, which will take place from 26 to 29 of August in Široki Brijeg, ended with the record number of 430 submissions.

Selector of the festival Damir Čučić will see the films coming from 22 Mediterranean countries and only the films that contain the highest aesthetic, artistic and technical values shall enter the Competition Program of the 16th MFF. MFF divides films in two competition programs. Short documentaries lasting up to 30 minutes shall compete in one selection, and in the other documentaries that last more than 30 minutes.

Six-member international jury, which is composed of the last year’s winners, as well as the renowned directors from the region, will evaluate the films from both selections and decide on the best documentary films from the Mediterranean during the festival, and traditionally the audience will also decide on one award.

At one of the biggest documentary film festivals in the region, besides already mentioned competition program, the audience will have the opportunity to see the latest world documentary works, screenings of feature films and the premieres of films created by local authors.

MFF also continues with the organisation of film workshops, and in cooperation with ‘Outside the Lens’, American film camp from Sad Diego, the education will already start by mid-August.

Design of visual identity for this year’s festival is underway, and the organizers say that besides good film atmosphere the visitors will also have a lot of fun at easy-going and relaxing after parties, which this festival is known for. General sponsor of the 16th Mediterranean Film Festival is HT Eronet.

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