19/07/2015 Mediterranean film festival
Workshops at the 16th Mediterranean Film Festival
We invite all current and incoming high school students, who have not yet participated in the film workshop at the Mediterranean Film Festival to apply. The workshop will introduce basic concepts in filmmaking that will be required to join MFF School. This film workshop for beginners will be held from August 10-12 in Široki Brijeg, starting at 9am. The workshop instructors will be Lucy Eagleson and Antoni Ćorić, alongside workshop coordinator Hrvoje Bazina. All MFF film workshops are offered free of charge. All those wishing to attend must contact us by August 5th, at mffschool@gmail.com or by phone: 063 652 073.

The location of the workshop will be known after the application period.

See the film that was produced during last year's MFF School workshop.

The MFF School film workshop will take place from August 17-26 in in Široki Brijeg. The program will be led under the mentorship of American director Lucy Eagleson alongside coordinator Hilary Morefield. The guest educators will be YouTube Space L.A. post-production manager and director Tyler Gunderson and cinematographer Antoni Ćorić. Lucy and Hilary come from San Diego, California, representing Outside the Lens, a digital media arts program for youth, who along with the Mediterranean Film Festival present MFF School. There will be seven Outside the Lens students from San Diego joining the MFF School team. The goal of the workshop, which lasts nine days, is to produce a short narrative film. All attendees will have the chance to enter the world of directing, acting, producing, shooting, editing, sound design, and other aspects of film production. The film will then be screened on opening night at the 16th Annual Mediterranean Film Festival on August 26th at 9pm.

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