08/08/2015 Mediterranean film festival
The jury of the 16th MFF in the category of short documentary film
Members of the jury for short documentary film at the 16th MFF are Tomislav Bubalo, producer and video coordinator of MFF, Roser Corella, independent director, journalist, producer and the winner of the last year’s MFF Projector in the category of the best short documentary for the film “Prisoners of Kanun” and Hrvoje Horvat, writer, music critic and art director of the festival RockOff.

This jury pronounces the best author in the category of short documentary film.

Tomislav Bubalo was born in Zagreb in 1968 and he lives and works in Široki Brijeg. He has been engaged in film since 2001, firstly as an editor and sound recordist. He has been working as a producer at Kadar production since 2007. Besides film he is also occupied with photography, design, publishing and multimedia projects.

Roser Corella (Barcelona, 1978) is an independent documentary filmmaker and video journalist, currently based in Berlin. Roser began her career as video-journalist for the Catalan TV, but her interest on human stories behind global issues moved her to start self-producing and developing a personal vision within the documentary field. Her work has been shown worldwide, winning numerous awards such POYI – Picture of the Year International- in USA, and CANAL+ France Award at Women’s Film Festival of Créteil. She currently combines her personal work with collaborations as a video journalist for various international media. Her fascination for documentary genre that testifies to the medium’s inherent tensions and paradoxes has led her around the world in search of stories to tell. Not only to witness but to challenge and raise critical questions about contemporary societies.

Hrvoje Horvat was born in Zagreb in 1965. He published his first texts in Polet magazine in 1983. Hrvoje is the author of the bestseller book about Branimir Štulić „Fantom slobode“(Phantom of Freedom) and extended edition of the book “The Rolling Stones – 50 years”. Together with Darko Glavan, he published the following books “The Rolling Stones - Rock'n'Roll Babylon” and “Prljavo Kazalište – sve je lako kad si mlad”. He wrote postscripts to biographies of Bob Marley “No Woman No Cry”, “AmyAmyAmy” – a Story of Amy Winehouse, Bruce Springsteen’s “Two Hearts” (Menart, 2011), and he is the editor of the book ”History of Punk – Pretty Vacant”. His texts have been published in various journals and publications. He is the author of numerous CD and DVD notes. He is the author of CD editions of “Đoni budi dobar! – Tribute to Azra“, “Jako dobar tattoo! – Tribute to EKV “, concert dedicated to Krešimir Blažević from Animatori “Ostat ću mald” (I’ll stay young), and project “30 Years Later – The Magnificent Seven”, which gathered the key protagonists of the new wave. He was nominated for Porin award two times earlier, but he received it in 2015 for the album “RockOff – Festival of New Sound”. He is also co-screenwriter of documentary TV serial “Our Days – The Story of Croatian Rock” and art director of RockOff festival started in 2014. His texts are published in Večernji list and Rolling Stone magazine and he wrote about current matters of music and social scene in his column “High Voltage”, published at the web site Muzika.hr.

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