17/08/2015 Mediterranean film festival
Five home authors in the off program of the 16th MFF
Besides the official part, documentary films in the competition, and rich animated and feature films in the off program, Mediterranean Film Festival, year by year, lays stress upon the work of local authors. Therefore the 16th MFF will present five film creations from the home documentary workshop.

Stone essay about the absurdity of war, counterpoint of man and fortress, war and peace, the film 'Austro-Hungarian Military Forts in Mostar’ directed by Ivo Mikulić, will be screened on the first day of the Festival, Wednesday, 26th August. The following is ‘Da Capo’ directed by Zdenko Jurilj, the film that tells the story of almost 150 years long musical history of Široki Brijeg, where, in spite of hard periods of history, music still echoes as a delightful joy.

While the first two films will have their premieres, ‘The Untameable Cardinal’, directed by Ivan and Mirela Cigić, is an awarded film about Croatian blessed one and a big martyr of the modern day church, Alojzije Stepinac.

We shall continue with the program of the home authors on Friday, 28th August, with the film ‘Herzegovina’, directed by Ivo Čolak and Zdenko Jurilj, which brings a description of this region from a different perspective, through little things, humble people, rituals close to each person, without pomposity and glorifying of people and events.

The last in the line of home films that will be presented at the 16th MFF is the premiere of the film ‘Oh, My Home’, directed by Zdenko Jurilj, which records painful scenes in which people find themselves when the system fails, when they have no one to turn to and when unscrupulous administration kicks them out of their house or apartment.

Films of home authors are a part of the off program of the Mediterranean Film Festival, while 17 documentaries will be screened in the official competition program, ten in short and seven in feature documentary competition. Six members of the jury of experts will decide on the best films, and the audience will traditionally decide on the third award. 

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