27/08/2015 Mediterranean film festival
Home authors, 'The Bridge' and Spanish films at the first day of MFF
Last night, in the full cinema Borak hall in Široki Brijeg, the 16th edition of the Mediterranean Film Festival was opened. The audience was thrilled to see the premiere of the short film ‘The Bridge’ at the opening ceremony – the film which was created by the attendees of the MFF workshops, together with their colleagues from the USA, in Široki Brijeg and all that under the leadership of Lucy Eagleson and Tyler Gunderson.

The program started at 17h with the documentaries from the ‘Home Authors’ section: ‘Austro-Hungarian Military Forts in Mostar’ by Ivo Mikulić, ‘Da Capo’ by Zdenko Jurilj and the awarded documentary ‘Untameable Cardinal’ by Ivan and Mirela Cigić.

We also started with the competition program, which was opened by the Spanish ‘Creator of the Jungle’ from the feature documentary competition, and the films from the short documentary competition followed, also Spanish films, ‘The Silence’, ‘Three Women’ and ‘Hide and Seek’.

The first night was also characterized by the mingling at the festival square, as well as the film quizzes, prizes and parties that lasted till the early morning hours.

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