26/08/2015 Mediterranean film festival
The winners of the 15th MFF: Film is our weapon
“It was great! We did not expect to win, and we would have never thought about winning. Our film is a complex film about a very political issue, we didn't choose a winking style, and we did not give any concessions to the audience. When we were informed that it had been considered as the best film in the competition among 11 good movies, it made us proud and this victory has given us a further push to support our idea of cinema”, said Silvia Luzi, Italian director who, together with her colleague Luca Bellino, won the Mediterranean Film Festival Grand Prix last year. She added that this is the confirmation that the festivals are important to spread your own work, because without the Mediterranean Film Festival ''On the Art of War'' would not have had the opportunity to be known in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Unfortunately, Silvia could not attend the last year’s Festival, but this year she is in Široki Brijeg and she will be a part of the jury for the feature documentary film, as it is already the tradition at MFF.

“I saw the films in competition, and I hope that I will see them again screened in the cinema, because I think that's the only real place that gives a film its true dignity. I think that the decision will not be difficult; I think that it is never really difficult. There is always a better film than the others; there is always an author who convinces you more than the others. But I also think that the decisions of the juries are unpredictable ... and often not the best possible decisions”, says the young director, who is visiting our country for the first time and, as she says, this will be the opportunity to broaden her borders: not the geographical ones, but the artistic ones.

The awarded film ‘on the Art of War’ shows the incredible workers’ struggle and the reasons that precede it, which are crucial for understanding the current events in Italy.

“We consider cinema a weapon, our films always face political issues. The history of the INNSE factory workers, and their incredible struggle had to be told, even though this involved a lot of effort and many sacrifices: the words of the workers are neither reassuring nor peaceful. But they are important! We immediately shared their political position and we made a drastic choice: our film would become a manual of war, because we were seeing a real war without negotiations and without tears”, says Luzi and points out that they were tired of the images of the desperate workers disseminated by television and tired of the Unions' softy strategies. They decided that the cinema will be their breaking weapon.

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