28/08/2015 Mediterranean film festival
MFF under the stars: Open air cinema and Široki like each other
The second night of the festival was marked by Mediterranean Film Festival's coming out to the cinema in the open. In the program of the 'Open Air Cinema', in cooperation with the Operation Kino, the audience had the chance to enjoy the Brazilian feature film 'The Second Mother' under the stars.

Later in this program in the open air the fans of documentary film had the opportunity to see 'Deep Love', an awarded Polish film, which was screened in the 'Adria presents' program in cooperation with the big movie network HBO.

The competition program also brings rich and various films. The screenings started at 17h in the cinema Borak hall with the Israeli film 'Hotline' and then followed the screenings of the films from Croatia 'Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry', 'Veruda – A Film about Bojan' and at 19h the only BH film in the competition 'Coal People'.

At 23h we saw French film 'Daphne or the Lovely Specimen', Italian 'Naleena' and Israeli film 'One out of Three'. The second evening of the Festival was also marked by the m

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