30/08/2015 Mediterranean film festival
'One out of Three' wins the Grand Prix of the 16th MFF
Israeli documentary film 'One out of Three', directed by Sivan Ben Ari, is the winner of the 16th Mediterranean Film Festival. The French film 'Daphne or the Lovely Specimen', directed by Sébastien Laudenbacha and Sylvain Derosne, was declared as the best in the category of short documentary, while Croatian film 'Consumed', directed by Borut Šeparović, won the audience award.

The jury for the category of feature documentary, composed of Silvia Luzi, Nenad Dizdarević and Boris T. Matić, awarded the Grand Prix of the 16th MFF to the Israeli film 'One out of Three' with the explanation: 'the need of the author to share an unusual and courageous subject, after a three years long effort, resulted with a strong creation, full of emotions and positive energy'.

The first special mention of the 16th MFF in the feature documentary competition goes to the film 'Sound Asleep', directed by Marie Moreau, because, as the members of the jury stated, 'she presents stressful thoughts about the meaning of life in a minimalistic directing approach and in an intimate atmosphere.

The second special mention in the feature documentary competition goes to the film ‘Consumed’, directed by Borut Šeparović with the explanation 'the story about the 55+ project, about the generation that doesn’t give up, is told in a very simple and noticeable way'.

The jury for the category of short documentary, composed of Roser Corella, Tomislav Bubalo and Hrvoje Horvat declared the French film 'Daphne or the lovely specimen', directed by Sébastien Laudenbach and Sylvain Derosne as the best short film pointing that 'it is an intimate and provocative story told in a poetic way, using creative and ambitious film language.

Special mention in the category of the short documentary goes to the film 'Silence', by the Spanish director Remedios Malvarez, because, as the jury says, 'this is fascinating story of personal growth. A woman who finds an inspiring way to overcome her deafness in the music and dancing.

Besides the ceremony of the awarding of the MFF projectors and awarding the winners, the last evening of the Mediterranean Film Festival was marked by the screening of the local film 'Herzegovina', as well as the screening of the Oscar awarded documentary 'Citizenfour'.

At this year's Mediterranean Film Festival, which lasted from 26 to 29 August in Široki Brijeg, 17 films were screened in the competition, five documentaries in the program of 'Home Authors' and ten creations from the animated film festival NAFF. In cooperation with Operation Kino, at the cinema in the open air, in the very centre of Široki Brijeg two feature films were screened, while the cooperation with the movie network HBO brought two awarded documentary hit films.

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