01/01/2017 Mediterranean film festival
MFF volunteers at the workshops of Operation Cinema
Operation Cinema, travelling project of Obala Art Centre and Sarajevo Film Festival this year too initiated a cycle of educational workshops for young people at which Mediterranean Film Festival volunteers participate for the second time.

The first cycle was held during the last weekend in Sarajevo at Meeting Point cinema, and besides Ana Mikulic and Slavica Kraljević, MFF volunteers, it gathered a dozen young participants from Tomislavgrad, Zvornik, Zenica, Ugljevik, Žepče, Prijedor, Milići, Bosanska Krupa and Sarajevo.

The workshops are promoting social activism and entrepreneurial culture among young people with the focus on developing the participants’ knowledge and skills needed for building a proactive attitude and participation in socio-economic and cultural activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The aim of this education and activities is creation of a network of young people who, as a new generation of local activists and partners, and with the help of the creative industry, would increase the impact of activities in the local community, and enable the establishment of a more active youth programs.

The workshops are taking place in cooperation and with the mentorship of the Foundation 787, and besides this one, two more cycles of workshops are planned, in Zvornik from 24th to 26th February, and in Ugljevik from March 31st to April 2nd.

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