01/03/2017 Mediterranean film festival
Watch the video messages from the MFF School participants
The team from the MFF School workshop talk about the experiences they had at the education. The workshop takes place with the support of the American Film organization for youth "Outside the Lens". With this organization and its lecturers Lucy Eagleson and Hilary Morefield, and Tyler Gunderson (Youtube Space LA) the workshop participants learn what is needed to create a short feature film, and they also have the premiere of their film at the opening of MFF.

MFF School is partly funded by the US Embassy in BiH. Mediterranean Film Festival has been cooperating with the US Embassy and “Outside the Lens” for more than five years and constant progress in ideas and realization of short films is noticeable. In the recent years MFF School has won many awards at festivals for children and youth in the region and we hope this will continue to be so in the future. We also expect that former workshop participants will continue to develop film knowledge in one of the schools or film academies.

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