27/06/2017 Mediterranean film festival
All Call for Scripts: MFF School 2017
MFF School is a cross-cultural film workshop held at the Mediteran Film Festival in Široki Brijeg, Bosnia-Herzegovina. During a 9-day film workshop, local and American students pitch, produce, edit, and then screen their film on opening night of the film festival.
This is an open invitation for all MFF School, Outside the Lens, and Rough Cut Productions students, alumni, community, friends, and fans to submit scripts for MFF School 2017!

What does that mean?: If you are interested in submitting a script, you could possibly have your film produced at this years' workshop. All scripts must be submitted to mffschool@gmail.com by August 1, 2017. All are invited to submit! Once a script is submitted it will be available for MFF School students to pitch at this years' workshop. 

What language should I write my script in?: This year we will be making two films, produced by the red team and the other by the blue team. The red team is required to produce a film that is partially or fully in Croatian, the blue team can produce a film in any language. Regardless, please write in the language you are most comfortable with, as scripts can be translated into any language needed for production.

What should my script be about? Is there a theme? Or a prompt?: We will be shooting both films in Blidinje, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Click here to learn more about this incredible location, we highly recommend googling to see more images! Scripts that lend themselves to this location will be given higher preference. We encourage storytelling of all genres, from comedies to thrillers to dramas and beyond. All ideas are welcome!

Can I collaborate?: Yes! Students are encouraged to collaborate with others and can submit scripts together.

What if my script it chosen?: If your script is chosen and you are at MFF School this year, you will be involved in the writing room. If you are not present at MFF School, you will be invited to be part of the writing room remotely, by skyping in at odd hours depending on your time zone from August 14-20. 

For more information about MFF School, visit our Facebook page.  To view past films, visit our YouTube Channel.
If you have any questions, please contact mffschool@gmail.com

MFF School is proudly co-presented by the Mediteran Film Festival, Outside the Lens, and Rough Cut Productions.
MFF School film workshop leaders are:

Red Team: Tyler Gunderson, Post-production Manager - YouTube Space Los Angeles, Lucy Eagleson Program Director - Outside the Lens, Hilary Morefield, Program Coordinator - Outside the Lens

Blue Team: Doug Herman, Founder - Rough Cut Productions, Kyle Petty, Media Educator - Outside the Lens, Sister Ružica Dodig - DUFF.

With support from: Antoni Ćorić, Cinemetographer - Kadar Productions, Tomislav Topić, Editor - Kadar Productions, Tomislav Bubalo Producer - Kadar Productions, Olivia Smith, Intern - Rough Cut Productions. 

If you need support during the writing process or if you would like script notes, feel free to reach out to your writing mentors: lucy@outsidethelens.org and doug@roughcutschools.org.

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