13/07/2017 Mediterranean film festival
Zdenko Jurilj's 'Home' in SFF Competition Programme
Sarajevo Film Festival has announced the Competition Programme - Documentary Film 2017, which includes the film ‘Home’ directed by Zdenko Jurilj and produced by Kadar from Široki Brijeg. 

“Important stories, new voices, relevant debates – all are to be found in our selection of fourteen films”, announced the SFF Management.Documentary film ‘Home’, which is going to have its world premiere at SFF, is dealing with the fate of Croatian citizens, who are being left without their homes due to debts for public utilities, electricity, water…

The story of the film is put within the framework of so called direct approach (Observation documentary, on the scene), which presents, through complicated life circumstances, the situations in which a person, an individual, a family …can end up when the protection system fails and when the rough capitalism and profit rises above the state and its laws. 

Their testimonies and emotional states were recorded by the camera. Within this range of human destinies there are also the individuals that have guaranteed for the credits of their neighbours, friends, acquaintances… with their possessions. 

The hypocrisy, social insensitivity and arrogance of the banks and enforcement creditors are presented in the film.  

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