18/08/2017 Mediterranean film festival
Zdenko Jurilj's “Home” awarded at SFF
Documentary “Home” directed and written by Zdenko Jurilj received a Special jury mention in the category of documentary film at Sarajevo Film Festival.  

The jury that awarded the film “Home” with Special mention in the category of documentary film was composed of Claas Danielsen, CEO of Mitteldeutsche Medienfoerderung GMBH (MDM) (Germany),  Gitte Hansen, Deputy Director of First Hand Films, International Sales & Services, Swiss Distribution (Switzerland) and Želimir Žilnik, Director (Serbia).

This film, which had its world premiere at SFF, was produced by Croatian Film Association and Kadar Production Široki Brijeg, and it shows the destiny of Croatian citizens who lose their homes overnight, due to incapability of paying the credit or the overhead expenses.

“The story of the film is put within the framework of so called direct approach, which presents, through complicated life circumstances, the situations in which a person, an individual, a family …can end up when the protection system fails and when the rough capitalism and profit rises above the state and its laws”, said Jurilj and pointed that it is a true pleasure that the SFF jury recognized this very story.
The film presents the hypocrisy, social insensitivity and arrogance of the banks and enforcement creditors.

“Home” will be screened within the program of Home Authors at this year’s MFF.   

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