17/08/2017 Mediterranean film festival
Tomislav Topić awarded at Sarajevo Film Festival
Tomislav Topić, director of the Mediterranean Film Festival, received the award “Ivica Matić”, which was awarded by the Association of filmmakers in Bosnia and Herzegovina within 23rd Sarajevo Film Festival.

Topić received the award for his contribution to B&H film, continuity in organising the festival that especially celebrates the documentary film and educates the audience for this type of film, with a special emphasis on education of the young people through film workshops organised by the Mediterranean Film Festival.

In his editorial to this year’s MFF, Topić compares the festival in Široki Brijeg with a film train.

“The train was passing through the most beautiful parts and hard climbs, but the locomotive pushed forward. Everything was done to arrive at the destination. The train was helped by philanthropists, sponsors and institutions at every station.  The train set was speeding, and the smoke spread all around. The station in Široki Brijeg was being arranged and getting the festival glow. The songs spread through the wagons. The signalmen didn’t have a lot of work to do, everyone knew where to go and why. The rail was connecting the outermost places of the Mediterranean, went through forbidden and risky zones. The wagons were loaded and opened for everybody. The travellers from San Diego to Tokyo entered the train at stations around the world...”, said Topić.

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