23/08/2017 Mediterranean film festival
First festival day: Awarded “Home”, crazy Russians and touching stories
Car crash compilations, Russians with foul mouths, the absurd and frightening nature of Russia is the summary of “The Road Movie”, the film that is opening the official competition program of this year’s Mediterranean Film Festival. This film compiles the footage from dashboard cameras and brings a different, crazy image of Russia to the film screen.

“We Have Never Been Kids” is the second film from the feature documentary competition that will be screened on the first day of the festival and it speaks about a family in the chaos of historic events. Over a period of 13 years, the film tells the impressive story of an Egyptian Mother Courage.

Two films created at MFF School workshops will be screened at the Festival opening ceremony. Besides educators from the USA, 50 kids took part in the workshop, 12 of which also from the USA.

After the film talks and associating with the filmmakers, the film “Stolen Childhood”, directed by Pavao Crnjac, will be presented within the Home Authors program. The author of the documentary started to search for his missing uncle, pursuant to his grandma Ruža’s stories. In his search for the information about him he suddenly discovered Records about children with 28.000 names in Croatian State Archives in Zagreb. He found over 23 persons who were fostered children from Rama, and today they are elders living with their families. The film is full of touching interviews, authentic family and historical photos.

Home Authors program will also present the film “Home”, directed by Zdenko Jurilj, whic was awarded at Sarajevo Film Festival. This is a moving film about evictions of the families that are powerless before the rigorous foreclosure laws and who are losing their homes.
Film “Major”, directed by Kristijan Milić, will also be screened in the OFF program. This documentary was inspired by Siniša Ratković's book “Pod okriljem magle” (Under the Cover of Fog) and it speaks about the beginning of the Croatian War of Independence.
The first festival day will be closed by the evening screening of the film „Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge“.

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