26/08/2017 Mediterranean film festival
Grand Prix for the best feature documentary of 18th MFF goes to “Taste of Cement”
Grand Prix for the best feature documentary of 18th MFF goes to “Taste of Cement”, directed by Ziad Kalthoum.
The explanation by the jury for feature documentary competition composed of Vlatka Vorkapić, Jorge Tur Molto and Ademir Kenović was the following: “By precise and aesthetically brilliant use of camera, the film „Taste of Cement“ brings the viewers closer to the Syrian construction workers who are building a skyscraper in Beirut while at the same time their own houses at home are being shelled. Humiliated and without rights they spend their days locked in the building site, which they are not allowed to leave only because they are refugees. The narrator's voice, poetic and strong, is actually the voice of all of them, sort of a cry for justice, a cry for all the displaced and disempowered. „Taste of cement“ fascinates with its aesthetic range and, what is more important, it warns about the bitter taste of injustice” .

The best short documentary of the 18th MFF is the film “Nobody Dies Here”, directed by Simon Panay.

The jury in the category of short documentary competiton, composed of Josip Mlakić, Kyle Joseph Petty and Gordan Nuhanović said the following in their explanation: “Film „Nobody Dies Here“, directed by Simon Panay, in an exceptionally impressive film style depicts the misery and hopelessness of the African miners that are searching for gold in illegal mines, regardless of the dangers threatening (death due to mines crashing down). The director also presents the insensitivity of those who profit from that work.” 

The Audience award went to the film “Soy Unoentrecienmil”, directed by Penelope Cruz.

Three special mentions are also awarded in the feature documentary competition.  

“Feeling Greater than love”, directed by Mary Jirmanus Saba received the special mention for investigating the convictions of a generation and filming the spirit of the old militants without falling into idealization.

„TIDES - a history of lives and dreams lost and found (some broken)“, directed by Alessandro Negrini is according to the jury a strong film, told to us by the river! “Let’s hope that the rivers that separate people will exist only in movies, in the future. We hope this important document will contribute to new future, explained the jury.

Special mention was also awarded to “Steel Mill Café”, directed by Goran Dević, and the jury said that the film about a cafe at the Bus station in Sisak, that counts its last days because its owners are closing it down and leaving to Germany to find a better life, is not only a personal story of the owners and their guests, but also a metaphor for the whole town and the country trapped in post transitional, impoverished and desolated present without the future.  Director’s discrete and seemingly distant approach, and at the same time very precise and mindful, is the main virtue of this film.
Two special mentions were also awarded in the short documentary competition.

Through several lyrical miniatures film „Blue Sky from Pain“, directed by Stephanos Mangriotis, speaks about the greatest tragedy of our time, minor refugees in the camp in Greece without any facilities or conditions for life. 

„Manodopera“, directed by Lukianos Moshonas, depicts a country in transition through balancing contrasting elements. by alternating between demolition and reconstruction, night and day, silence and political debate, quiet portrait of discontent is created.
Mediterranean Film Festival took place in Široki Brijeg from August 23 to 26, and 12 feature and ten short documentaries were in the competition program. The Festival screened 45 films in several programs, and the workshop was also organized within the MFF, which produced two short films. 

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