29/08/2021 Mediterranean film festival
Grand Prix 22. MFF-a goes to 'The Last Tape from Bosnia'
Film ‘The Last Tape from Bosnia’, directed by Albert Sole from Spain, by the decision of the jury, won the Grand Prix of the 22ndMediterranean Film Festival, which was held in Široki Brijeg from August 25 to 28 in Široki Brijeg. 

The second award MFF Best Short went to 'Heurtebise', directed by Elisa Torres and Octavio Guerra from Spain, while the audience awarded 'Il Mio Corpo' by Italian director Michele Penetta, as the best film by their choice. The jury, composed of Tiha Gudac, Dafne Jemeršić and Srđan Šarenac, stated in their explanation that Albert Sole, the director of the film, succeeded to tell the emotional testimony about the sufferings of a family and the war horrors in an original cinematic way.   

“With an unobtrusive author’s approach the Spanish director succeeded to keep the main film character’s view in transferring the historically relevant events”, the decision said.   

The jury also awarded two Special mentions – to the film 'Il Mio Corpo', directed by Michele Penetta and the film ‘On the Line’, directed by Alex Gohari and Leo Matei.  

The jury said that in this Italian-Swiss documentary through the stories of the main characters we are entering the reality of the idea about not accepting the status quo and looking for a better life. The director leads the viewers with a very clear stylistic and visually striking narration, bringing closer the atmosphere of poverty and its reflections.  

As the jury stated, the documentary 'On the Line' is a valuable story of absurdity about the political decisions based on which the American system pulls out citizens of Mexican descent from the foundations of its own society and deports them across the border. The situation of persecution condemns them to the hopelessness of existence in the border community with a view to the life taken away from them. 

The jury in short documentary competition, composed of Vuk Perović, Aleta Rajič and Luke Grigg, decided that the MFF Best Short award goes to the film ‘Heurtebise’, directed by Elisa Tores and Octavio Guerra from Spain.  

As they stated in their decision this film shows an impeccable understanding of the finesse it takes to make a documentary film both visually compelling and honest to its subject. 

“It's ability to present both subject and story with enough structure to guide the viewer, yet still provide endless poetic frames of exploration within its 20-minute length are the reason for our selection in this year's showcase”, the jury said. 

The short documentary film ‘Stipe’ and short narrative ‘Pamet u glavu’ created at the film workshop MFF School were screened at the closing ceremony.  

The Festival producer Robert Bubalo, checking out the 22ndedition of the festival, thanked everyone who supported this festival both this and previous years. 

Twenty films in the competition were screened at the 22ndMediterranean Film Festival, which took place in Široki Brijeg from August 25 to 28. There were 45 films screened in eight programs, some of which had festival and world premieres. 

After the awards ceremony, 22ndMediterranean Film Festival was closed with the screening of the documentary film ‘Love around the World’, directed by Anđela and Davor Rostuhar.  

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