08/09/2022 Mediterranean film festival
Twenty documentaries in 23 Mediterranean Film Festival competition
Twenty documentary films – ten feature length and ten short documentaries, selected by Zdravko Mustać, the festival selector, are going to compete in the competition programme of the 23rdMediterranean Film Festival.

Selected among the 260 films submitted for this year’s festival we are going to screen documentaries which have already won awards at big film festivals, while some of them will have their premiere screening in Široki Brijeg.

“This year's films are, first of all, abundant in variety of locations from several continents. Mediterranean filmmakers have scattered around the world in search of stories that break the stale images of slow and predictable way of survival”, the festival selector pointed and said that most of the films are characterised by strong and fundamental immersion in the issues of the disruption of daily life.

When selecting the films for the competition this time too, the selector has carefully taken care that the festival timetable is not occupied by projects with a casual way of treating too important subjects and presenting too important truths.

“Only pure images, pure subjective views, only the truth through the author's perspective that breaks through all the shackles of desired perception”, he said.

Two three-member international juries are going to decide on the awards for the best feature documentary in the Mediterranean, the Festival “Grand Prix” and the “Best Short” in the short film category.  The third prize is awarded by the festival audience.Here are the twenty films that compete for the jury and audience awards. 

Official competition programme – Feature documentary film:  

MUSEUM OF THE REVOLUTION, Srđan Keča; Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic,

OCTOPUS, Karim Kassem; Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, 

SUMMER NIGHTS, Ohad Milstein; Israel, Switzerland,

HOW TO SAVE A DEAD FRIEND, Marusya Syroechkovskaya; Sweden, France, Norway, Germany,

RECONCILIATION, Marija Zidar; Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo,

TRENCHES, Loup Bureau; France, 

HIDE AND SEEK, Victoria Fiore; United Kingdom, Italy, 


MLUNGU – THE WHITE KING, David Lušičić; Croatia,

AFTER A REVOLUTION, Giovanni Buccomino; United Kingdom, Italy.

Official competition programme – Short documentary film:  

ABYSSAL, Alejandro Alonso; France, Cuba,

BABAJANJA, Ante Zlatko Stolica; Croatia,

BANCAL, Rafael Montezuma; Spain

CAROLS, Jenny Tsiropoulou; Greece,  

AKOUCHETAME, Gaël de Fournas, Federico Francioni; France

INTERMEDE, Maria Kourkouta; Greece, France,

YOU CAN’T AUTOMATE ME, Katarina Jazbec; Slovenia, Netherlands, 

THE SOWER OF STARS, Lois Patiño; Spain,

MEMORY, Nerea Barros; Spain,

SINE DIE, Camila Moreiras; Spain.

23rdMediterranean Film Festival, whose general sponsor is HT Eronet, is taking place from 11 to 15 October in Široki Brijeg.

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